Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dusty River Garlic Salt

Dusty River Garlic Salts contact us at dustyriverproduce@gmail.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dustyrivergarlicsalt

   We have several new items to offer this season as well as our standard greats. All using our home grown garlic, Inchileum Red.  This is the very best flavored garlic, in my opinion. After you try our garlic salts,  you're going to like it...

 GARLIC PARSLEY SEA SALT-- Home grown Garlic with Parsley to keep it from clumping and Sea Salt with no additives. This is our original, this is it the one that started it all.

GARLIC PARSLEY GREEN CHILE SEA SALT -- We use fire roasted green chile in this one, with our garlic salt and this one is amazing. Your going to think your in New Mexico with this one a huge local favorite.

GARLIC PARSLEY JALAPENO SEA SALT- -We add our best Garlic and grow our own Jalapeno peppers, we mix them with parsley and Sea Salt. Spicy Hot Garlic Salt YUMMERS.....

GARLIC PARSLEY GHOST PEPPER SEA SALT-- You might  need to be a heat freak to enjoy this one. It is on the extreme hot hot side. Home grown super hot peppers mixed with our garlic parsley sea salt this one is for the heat seekers...

GARLIC PARSLEY BUTTER SEA SALT-- Garlic Parsley with freeze dried Butter and a little salt this one is so good on steamed vegetables a family favorite.

GARLIC PEPPER-- Made with our gourmet garlic powder mixed with Cracked Black Pepper makes this a have to have. So incredible on french fries, tater tots use on anything you would put pepper on....so good...

MONTREAL GARLIC CHICKEN RUB-- A wonderful blend of spices making a succulent chicken rub.  Our Montreal garlic seasonings combines the rich flavor of onion and garlic with black pepper and citrus, sweet bell pepper, paprika, salt and other spices.

STEAK RUB--This is my favorite go to rub for everything. If I only bought one of these rubs this would be the one, it's great for burgers and steaks and makes a killer good blackening rub for fish and chicken...

CELERY SALT--Our home grown celery is amazing such huge flavor. A must for every kitchen. Incredible flavor. Your going to love this celery salt.

FIEST SPICE MIX-- A southwestern flavor, a huge favorite of ours. A great spice for taco meat, sprinkle on corn or potato chips. Makes for a great rub on steaks ribs also use in dips. Peppers, garlic, sugar, cumin, onion powder salt and other spices.

GARLIC MONTREAL STEAK RUB--Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend. Made with our garlic, paprika, and coarsely ground pepper, Montreal Steak Seasoning adds mouthwatering flavor and a spicy crunch to steaks, burgers and pork. 

GARLIC LEMON PEPPER-- Love this lemon pepper, so great on veggies huge lemon garlicy flavor. Your going to want this one.

GARLIC PARSLEY CHIPOTLE SEA SALT -- Ripened red jalapeno peppers lightly smoked on our own smokers, using our own peppers mixed with the best garlic we grow this is it... Great to sprinkle on everything it adds a little smoke heat and yummy garlic.

GARLIC PARSLEY ROSEMARY SEA SALT -- Just what is says Garlic salt with Rosemary so good on so many things. I love to sprinkle it on my toast or on noodles, you got to give this a try on vegetables...



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  4. Hey Dusty,

    Are you still around? I haven't heard from you in a while. Listen - I have some gourmet-type cucumbers that grow like Armenians, but taste and look incredible. Please let me know if you are interested. Just email me your address. Thanks!