Monday, December 12, 2011

How to make home made Horseradish sauce

  As the time gets closer to Christmas and New Years people are starting to prepare for the annual celebration of THE BEEF "Prime Rib". That also means it is time for the real star of the show The Horseradish Sauce. This is the simplest of recipes for great tasting horseradish.
  This is what will set you apart from the wannabes. When you stick that awesome chunk of prime rib on the table and then you whip out that freshly made Horseradish sauce batabingbataboom you are a rock star baby. Ha ha its all about the Horseradish.
 1st step- Horseradish root go ahead and peel the root and wash it.
 2nd step- You can use a food processor for large quantity's.  Grind the horseradish as fine as possible making sure to do this step outside. The fumes could overcome you if you do this step indoors. This is a warning....
 For a smaller batch's I would recommend a zester, I like to use a orange zester and zest up the horseradish with it. I like this method because I can do it indoors and do small amounts as needed.
 3rd step- The most important step. Is to grind or zest up the horseradish and then just let it set out for 3 to 4 minutes just airing itself out. It actually makes it hotter!
 4th step- Next put the processed horseradish in a container and add white distilled vinegar and thats it. If you do not want the horseradish as strong you add the vinegar immediately after grinding or zesting.
 I like to make this within an hour or two before the meal. The fresher the hotter.

 You can mix your freshly ground horseradish with Jelly's and Jam's to make outstanding shrimp dips.

 Cocktail sauces are amazing with fresh horseradish 2 tbsp or more hehehe of horseradish about 6 tbsp of catsup a splash of worcestershire a little lime or lemon juice and then just a touch of brown sugar then mix. Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes. Real basic real easy.
 You can store horseradish root in your refrigerator for several months. Keep it in a zip lock bag for storage.
 As for the faint of heart you can add either mayonnaise or sour cream to cut the strength 1 part horseradish 2 parts mayonnaise or sour cream. However this is not a recommend. So pull up your big boy panties and man up.
  See you again soon from dustyrivergardens....