Friday, August 23, 2013

New Tomatoes This Year

 I try to grow at least fifty plus different variety's of tomatoes every year, last year I grew out over a hundred different variety's this year there is close to seventy some old variety's some crosses I am growing out for friends. Here is a look at some new one's that are coming off the vine at my garden....

This one is a tomato bred by Blane Horton. A wonderful tomato early and my plants are loaded. Very good taste with good size this is my second year growing this tomato the Moosolini f-4....

All three of these tomatoes are from one cross the Variegated Potato leaf x Striped Big Cheef and so far all are wonderfully delicious. This is a cross from Jason Haynes. No names as of yet.

Another cross I am growing out this one is by Chris Kafer this is a f1 Juliet x Green Zebra taste so far not bad tasting it might be a keeper it is better tasting when it is a little riper.

A very nice tomato right here in the ten ounce range the Gary 'OSena Tomato

Not one of the best looking tomatoes that I have picked, I have better looking one's coming on but WOW this is one of the best eating tomatoes I have.  This is the Rebel Yell... A stabilized potato leaf segregation line from a cross of Stump of the World x Bear Claw by Rob Gee stabilized by Blane Horton and Dean Slater. 

An f1 cross Chocolate Cherry x Juliet big acid flavor I like this one also from Chris.

I am holding a Pink Bumble Bee and in the back ground is the Purple Bumble Bee. Bred by Fred Hempel 

This one surprised me it is an f1 cross Sun Gold x Black From Tula I was hoping for a larger tomato and maybe darker color. What I have is a small tomato with big taste I hope they get a bigger next year also from Chris Kafer. 
Well that is it for now I can't wait to see what comes off the vine next...later Dusty....
Brad's Black Heart Tomato

Friday, August 9, 2013

How's the Garden

 The garden is doing well the peppers are behind last year but we planted them a month later than last year. I picked around twenty five pounds of peppers mainly Chimayo Green Chili and Jalapeno's.

      The Tomatoes are doing awesome six to seven feet high on most of the plants and some larger.
   Some really great tomatoes this year here is a new one to the tomato world by Tomato Breeder Jason Haynes.
   One great looking tomato I can't wait for one to ripen.
This one is the Moosolini I grew it last year. Huge crops of great tasting Tomatoes. This one was developed by Blaine Horton This is one I really have had little to no trouble with, it is going to be one I grow every year.
Here is a Brad Gates tomato called Indigo Apple.
Well I am Just waiting for some of these mators to ripen so I can give them a good ole taste Later Dusty...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Garden and the Monsoon

   With monsoon season upon us in Arizona we have some very strange weather from the very unusual tornado to heavy rains and hail storms which create heavy flooding at times. The good thing is the moisture and the humidity levels going up that is what gets are gardens really going for us.

   What we are hoping for is surviving the storms. lol  Hail storms can reek havoc and have done lots of damage in the past. If our gardens can survive the storms then they will really explode and grow fast. In Arizona the humidity is so very low that our gardens do very little until the monsoon season arrives. The next thing we do is pray our gardens survive and if they do we pray our plants don't catch all the diseases that also comes with the high humidity that we normally do not have.

    Inspecting the garden is very important thing to do. Finding vines to tie up or just making sure the garden is draining properly.

      Leaf damage due to hail. Nothing we can do about it. It will not harm the growth of the cantaloupe that is growing here.

    We grow about seventy variety's of tomatoes this is our giant tomato. Dusty River Giant - last year we had a three pound tomato out of this variety and we are hoping for a larger one this year.

     We were lucky so far and I hope our luck continues.  The tomato plants are six foot tall and still growing strong looks like it could be a super year for our garden. later Dusty....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tomato wind protection

  My biggest concern with my tomatoes in the spring is WIND protection. Most of my tomato fatality's are caused by the wind. A sustained wind of just a few miles per hour can murder your young tomato plants very quickly.
 A whole host of problems are out there in the spring to kill your plants from late frosts to insects here is a suggestion for my biggest problem the wind.
 This is just some cages we make out of wire we wrap a layer of fabric around the cages. This fabric is a weed barrier we purchased at home depot. We like it because it breaths well so it doesn't get to hot. All were doing here is wrapping the weed barrier around the wire taping it on and were done. So easy so simple.
 In just a few weeks we will take this fabric off and let the plants go. Young tomato plants need protection from the wind for at least 3 to 4 weeks. You will have better earlier tomatoes enjoy....  Later dusty

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Touch of Summer during Winter...

   Indoor Dwarf Tomatoes - It is so nice to have a little taste of summer once in a while. Growing dwarf tomatoes in your house during the winter has it's pleasures...

I also planted some peppers today and I will continue through the week.

Jamaican Hot Chocolate a really good pepper.

Caribbean Red another nice pepper a little warm ok hot as

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Dwarf Tomatoes


  Dwarf tomatoes- haha-yes I am loving it. Tomatoes in the winter yes!!! I love to try new things and my tomato buddies tell me that this is the way to go. I do have lights and a few tomato plants are still under the lights. 

  This is the cure for the winter blues for the gardener. I have six different tomato variety's.

  Such healthy leafs and strong stems these plants look so healthy and would probably look even better if I had a better light set up.

   Blooms are coming on the plants it won't be long before they start setting fruit..

 I will be transplanting the tomato plants to larger pots.  Right now the tomato plants are in one gallon pots. Most will get there final transplant to five gallon pots, some three gallon. The tomatoes that are still in one gallon pots will be given away to friends and family I will only keep one of each of the variety.             

  The plant that gets talked about the most out of this bunch is this one the -Jackass- this tomato plant is in the f-5 stage so it won't be to long before you will see this variety in the gardening websites and magazines for sale. Naming a plant can be very tough I wonder just what was going through his mind when he was naming this one lol or if this is what he was being called during the naming who knows for sure. Until next time later -Dusty-