Saturday, January 25, 2014

Preparing Your Soil - Quick tip with Leaves

   Fall comes fast and when it does you end up with all of those leaves. You can either rake them up, dump them, burn them, or you could compost them by layering them in your garden beds; about two to four inches deep. Next, add a little Molasses mixture (1 tablespoon of molasses to 1 gallon of water) with this mix I spray the leaves as well as I can, then I layer on about an inch of steer manure. Keeping this pile moist--not wet--will help for the next few weeks. When it warms up a bit, the leaves will be broken down to a really nice compost.
 What the Molasses mixture does is feed the bacterium even faster to knock out those leaves, then the worms come, and all the other creatures of the soil make it to the party, and in a few short weeks they leave you with a fluffy compost that will grow you the best veggies in the neighborhood! HUGE TOMATOES MONSTER MELONS...The molasses mix is something you should be doing every few weeks in your garden anyways to help feed the soil. Also, for an additional tip add a little rock dust to the mixture really helps.