Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomato Season...

 This tomato is called Dwarf Berly Beauty a wonderful tomato that was breed to grow in five gallon pots that you can bring in the house during the winter. It is a green when ripe variety.

 A row of San Marzano tomatoes that are going nuts.

  Some Mini Marzanos one of the only hybrids that I grew.
   Mr. Stripey a wonderful tasting bi-color tomato
  This is one of my best sellers and is a taste test winner.
  Pink Berkeley Tie Dye new for me this year. They are an early tomato with very good taste and very good looks what's not to like about this one.
  Plum Lemon a yellow paste tomato that looks like a lemon.
  This is a incredible tomato plant it is a multi-floral tomato it produces flowers by what seems the jillions. lol It name is Sweet Beverly and besides having unique flowers the fruit is wonderfully sweet.
  The darkest tomato I have ever seen the Indigo Rose is a eye catcher.
 This is the Berly Beauty a Green when ripe tomato. This tomato is amazing such a great eating tomato it has a very complex flavor I end up saying refreshing with a fruity flavor. A tomato I will be growing all winter that's for sure...
later Dusty...