Friday, August 23, 2013

New Tomatoes This Year

 I try to grow at least fifty plus different variety's of tomatoes every year, last year I grew out over a hundred different variety's this year there is close to seventy some old variety's some crosses I am growing out for friends. Here is a look at some new one's that are coming off the vine at my garden....

This one is a tomato bred by Blane Horton. A wonderful tomato early and my plants are loaded. Very good taste with good size this is my second year growing this tomato the Moosolini f-4....

All three of these tomatoes are from one cross the Variegated Potato leaf x Striped Big Cheef and so far all are wonderfully delicious. This is a cross from Jason Haynes. No names as of yet.

Another cross I am growing out this one is by Chris Kafer this is a f1 Juliet x Green Zebra taste so far not bad tasting it might be a keeper it is better tasting when it is a little riper.

A very nice tomato right here in the ten ounce range the Gary 'OSena Tomato

Not one of the best looking tomatoes that I have picked, I have better looking one's coming on but WOW this is one of the best eating tomatoes I have.  This is the Rebel Yell... A stabilized potato leaf segregation line from a cross of Stump of the World x Bear Claw by Rob Gee stabilized by Blane Horton and Dean Slater. 

An f1 cross Chocolate Cherry x Juliet big acid flavor I like this one also from Chris.

I am holding a Pink Bumble Bee and in the back ground is the Purple Bumble Bee. Bred by Fred Hempel 

This one surprised me it is an f1 cross Sun Gold x Black From Tula I was hoping for a larger tomato and maybe darker color. What I have is a small tomato with big taste I hope they get a bigger next year also from Chris Kafer. 
Well that is it for now I can't wait to see what comes off the vine next...later Dusty....
Brad's Black Heart Tomato