Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just thought I would show you around my neck of the woods

 I thought about snapping a few pictures of the local area and give you an idea of the diversity in the area I call home...

This is a couple of pictures taken in the White Mountains of Arizona in the area of Pinetop.

 Here I am about an hour west of were I live on a cattle ranch looking towards the San Francisco Peaks
the city of Flagstaff  would be at the base of those mountains.

 An old wagon lay forgotten. Very nice wagon for the time I believe it was a newer version with rubber tires probably sold it the 1930 or later...

 This is the type of country I live in the High Desert.
 Lots of cattle ranches all over the area this one is by a town called St. Johns about an hour east south east.

Well this is Dusty River " The Little Colorado River" known to the locals as Dusty River....When it blows and blows hard the dust will rise hundreds of hundreds of feet in the sky... lol I can't wait..later Dusty
 shortly after posting this I snapped my ankle in two places what a crummy day. dang it