Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Garden and the Monsoon

   With monsoon season upon us in Arizona we have some very strange weather from the very unusual tornado to heavy rains and hail storms which create heavy flooding at times. The good thing is the moisture and the humidity levels going up that is what gets are gardens really going for us.

   What we are hoping for is surviving the storms. lol  Hail storms can reek havoc and have done lots of damage in the past. If our gardens can survive the storms then they will really explode and grow fast. In Arizona the humidity is so very low that our gardens do very little until the monsoon season arrives. The next thing we do is pray our gardens survive and if they do we pray our plants don't catch all the diseases that also comes with the high humidity that we normally do not have.

    Inspecting the garden is very important thing to do. Finding vines to tie up or just making sure the garden is draining properly.

      Leaf damage due to hail. Nothing we can do about it. It will not harm the growth of the cantaloupe that is growing here.

    We grow about seventy variety's of tomatoes this is our giant tomato. Dusty River Giant - last year we had a three pound tomato out of this variety and we are hoping for a larger one this year.

     We were lucky so far and I hope our luck continues.  The tomato plants are six foot tall and still growing strong looks like it could be a super year for our garden. later Dusty....