Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soil Mix for Container Gardeners

   A very easy mix I use for my Tomato plants as well as Pepper plant. First of all this is a standard mix it is nothing I came up with it is just a good basic mix for most veggie's.

 I use 2 five gallon buckets of a good compost then 1 five gallon bucket of peat moss, next 1 five gallon bucket of Azomite or some other kind of rock dust like cinder sand or granite fines, last a five gallon bucket of Vermiculite or Perlite that is it. Mix well add water and just about any kind of veggie. Your good to

  The thing that makes this mix work great for me is the Azomite or rock dust it will give the soil a great texture and the soil microbes will go nuts with all the minerals the rock dust brings to the party and that is huge for taste and flavor for tomatoes as well as for peppers.
  This year I am growing about 25 tomato plants in 20 gallon containers.  The smallest I suggest growing a tomato in is a five gallon container. I am growing a few tomatoes in the five gallon containers. I don't suggest growing larger tomatoes in the five gallon containers but I have seen people do it successfully using lots of love and care.
  The tomato plants I used for my small containers are Dwarf tomato plants designed to grow in small containers. Tomatoes are heavy feeders and in containers you will need to feed them often at least every two weeks, that is because the soil will leach out the nutrition that is in the soil very quickly so keep feeding those maters. Now good luck to everyone I hope you have great weather and huge maters...later dayz Dusty
  I would also suggest reading a old blog of mine on rock dust