Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Gardeners Journal

   A great piece of advice is to start a Gardeners Journal. If you haven't been doing this already it's time to start.
  Here are a few suggestions. Add a calendar to your journal it makes it easy to make notes here and there on a calender also do a ledger of what types of tomatoes, when you started them, when you transplant them, how many days did you harden your plants off. You can even keep track of money spent maybe keep a tab on your water bill.. always fun

  Keep it up, write little notes like your first tomato what variety of tomato was it. Keeping track of the varieties and types of plants that do well in your garden this really helps. My garden journal helps me more each year it reminds me what has and has not done well for me and is a constant reminder not to get in a rush by planting to early or not to plant them until I have some wind protection for my seedlings. I have to protect my plants in the spring from the violent winds.

 So keep track of your types of seeds or plants that you purchase and your planting dates also when you fertilize and harvest... these are just a few things and I am sure there are hundreds of things you can track that can help you grow more food...until next time later Dusty....

 hey look my arugula and mizuna over wintered with zero protection. hmmm I better put that in my journal...