Friday, March 30, 2012

tomato and pepper up date...

 This is what makes gardening fun watching and hoping your seed is good and that you will get good germination. I planted my seeds in a seed starting mix called pro-mix Bx with Mycorrhizae. It is my favorite mix for tomato seedlings.

About half of the varieties are up and that is a good I really have a hard time not checking on them every few minutes because that is all it takes and a few more are up.

   The pepper plants are doing great growing like a weed. I am excited to get a few Jamaican hot chocolate habanero peppers because I only had a few seeds left and I had eight germinate I was extremely happy with that.
    The mix I use to start my peppers is different it is the jiffy seed starter mix I have always had better luck with this mix on my peppers. Who knows why? But it is the one I use to start my peppers.

   Hope your seeds are popping up also see ya later Dusty....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tomato seeds are in...

  Well after months of going over seed catalog's looking at the beautiful new tomato seeds for sale well all that Tomato Porn was getting to me. lol   The tomatoes are in there tray's.  I ended up with 55 varieties wow talk about restraint.

   Very exciting year for me there are a lot of tomatoes that I am really interested in. I am hoping to sell a lot of these at the farmers market and get some locals fired up on heirloom and open pollinated tomatoes.
  More photo's to come... later Dusty