Friday, March 30, 2012

tomato and pepper up date...

 This is what makes gardening fun watching and hoping your seed is good and that you will get good germination. I planted my seeds in a seed starting mix called pro-mix Bx with Mycorrhizae. It is my favorite mix for tomato seedlings.

About half of the varieties are up and that is a good I really have a hard time not checking on them every few minutes because that is all it takes and a few more are up.

   The pepper plants are doing great growing like a weed. I am excited to get a few Jamaican hot chocolate habanero peppers because I only had a few seeds left and I had eight germinate I was extremely happy with that.
    The mix I use to start my peppers is different it is the jiffy seed starter mix I have always had better luck with this mix on my peppers. Who knows why? But it is the one I use to start my peppers.

   Hope your seeds are popping up also see ya later Dusty....


  1. Your seedlings are looking fantastic Dusty-mine are much further behind...

    1. The peppers are a few weeks old and they are doing well. I have one that is called a fish pepper that has a variegated foliage. I think it will look pretty amazing next to some purple jalapeno's. lol