Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Dwarf Tomatoes


  Dwarf tomatoes- haha-yes I am loving it. Tomatoes in the winter yes!!! I love to try new things and my tomato buddies tell me that this is the way to go. I do have lights and a few tomato plants are still under the lights. 

  This is the cure for the winter blues for the gardener. I have six different tomato variety's.

  Such healthy leafs and strong stems these plants look so healthy and would probably look even better if I had a better light set up.

   Blooms are coming on the plants it won't be long before they start setting fruit..

 I will be transplanting the tomato plants to larger pots.  Right now the tomato plants are in one gallon pots. Most will get there final transplant to five gallon pots, some three gallon. The tomatoes that are still in one gallon pots will be given away to friends and family I will only keep one of each of the variety.             

  The plant that gets talked about the most out of this bunch is this one the -Jackass- this tomato plant is in the f-5 stage so it won't be to long before you will see this variety in the gardening websites and magazines for sale. Naming a plant can be very tough I wonder just what was going through his mind when he was naming this one lol or if this is what he was being called during the naming process...lol who knows for sure. Until next time later -Dusty-