Friday, August 23, 2013

New Tomatoes This Year

 I try to grow at least fifty plus different variety's of tomatoes every year, last year I grew out over a hundred different variety's this year there is close to seventy some old variety's some crosses I am growing out for friends. Here is a look at some new one's that are coming off the vine at my garden....

This one is a tomato bred by Blane Horton. A wonderful tomato early and my plants are loaded. Very good taste with good size this is my second year growing this tomato the Moosolini f-4....

All three of these tomatoes are from one cross the Variegated Potato leaf x Striped Big Cheef and so far all are wonderfully delicious. This is a cross from Jason Haynes. No names as of yet.

Another cross I am growing out this one is by Chris Kafer this is a f1 Juliet x Green Zebra taste so far not bad tasting it might be a keeper it is better tasting when it is a little riper.

A very nice tomato right here in the ten ounce range the Gary 'OSena Tomato

Not one of the best looking tomatoes that I have picked, I have better looking one's coming on but WOW this is one of the best eating tomatoes I have.  This is the Rebel Yell... A stabilized potato leaf segregation line from a cross of Stump of the World x Bear Claw by Rob Gee stabilized by Blane Horton and Dean Slater. 

An f1 cross Chocolate Cherry x Juliet big acid flavor I like this one also from Chris.

I am holding a Pink Bumble Bee and in the back ground is the Purple Bumble Bee. Bred by Fred Hempel 

This one surprised me it is an f1 cross Sun Gold x Black From Tula I was hoping for a larger tomato and maybe darker color. What I have is a small tomato with big taste I hope they get a bigger next year also from Chris Kafer. 
Well that is it for now I can't wait to see what comes off the vine next...later Dusty....
Brad's Black Heart Tomato


  1. Dear Dusty,

    You seem like you are really into some dwarf varieties. Perhaps you should join the Dwarf Tomato Project ( They are always working on interesting things that could really turn out well.

    1. Yes the dwarf tomato project is pretty cool. I have grown several of there variety's but right now I grow and cross a lot of tomatoes for myself and a lot of my friends and I really don't have the space for any more right now.

  2. Hey Dusty can you tell me more about Rebel Yell. Specifically taste, yield and heat production. Happy new year

    1. The taste of the Rebel Yell was excellent a real nice acid balance on the same lines of a Brandywine tomato without waiting 100 days for the tomato... yield for me was average but still better than most bradywine variety's. The tomato plants did well in the heat. Production was average in my garden. I only had a couple of plants this past year it was a test in my garden to see how well I liked them and I will grow the Rebel Yell again. My friends at the tomato depot had better production than I had but overall I liked it and will grow it again. another one to consider would be Dixiewine both did well. I had friends in Missouri and Arkansas that had great results with both of these tomatoes better than average production at there gardens. But I am going to give the Rebel Yell a really good spot in this years garden in hopes I can get better production as well... good luck hope something in there helped....

  3. Hey! Wondering if you followed up on any of my crosses in 2014.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. I did the tomatoes were not as pretty as f-1 but were very good eating my two favorite the Chocolate cherry x Juliet cross very good and the Juliet x green zebra cross was my favorite eating of all tomatoes that I grew.