Friday, August 9, 2013

How's the Garden

 The garden is doing well the peppers are behind last year but we planted them a month later than last year. I picked around twenty five pounds of peppers mainly Chimayo Green Chili and Jalapeno's.

      The Tomatoes are doing awesome six to seven feet high on most of the plants and some larger.
   Some really great tomatoes this year here is a new one to the tomato world by Tomato Breeder Jason Haynes.
   One great looking tomato I can't wait for one to ripen.
This one is the Moosolini I grew it last year. Huge crops of great tasting Tomatoes. This one was developed by Blaine Horton This is one I really have had little to no trouble with, it is going to be one I grow every year.
Here is a Brad Gates tomato called Indigo Apple.
Well I am Just waiting for some of these mators to ripen so I can give them a good ole taste Later Dusty...


  1. It's getting to be that time of year for us. It's mator season as the newer variety's and oddity's ripen I will publish them as fast as I can I have some very unusual variety's as well as new crosses to brag about...