Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing A Winter Garden Inside?

   A winter indoor garden is such a pleasure for me it is so nice to watch something grow during the long winter also a winter garden is not to much work hey now that is perfect for me. 
  I have a few things that I grew in pots which I brought in before the first freeze such as this pepper plant this is a Jamaican Hot Chocolate it can be a bit hot. Ok it is a very hot little pepper but bring it indoors for the winter and this plant can live several years I feel three is about the best I have ever gotten out of a pepper plant and the second year being the best. When I put them outside next spring they will do great and I will have the earliest peppers in town.
   I also started some Tomatoes yep maters. These are dwarf tomatoes I will be growing these dwarf tomatoes in 3 to 5 gallon containers. I have six types of dwarf tomatoes that I will be growing  this fall the average height is 3 to 4 foot tall and they load up pretty nicely with fruit so I will need to support these guys. lol this should be fun.
  Last year I grew Mizuna and Arugula these are greens with a attitude great flavor and a little zip to them yum.  I started them outdoors last year and I forgot about them during several freezes and they survived wow they can take a very hard freeze and survive. They are so easy to grow lucky for me, and are wonderful to add to a salad they really give a salad a pop and they are so very tasty. I am thinking about planting some of the cold hardy variety's of greens very soon.
  I hope to give updates of the dwarf tomatoes every very few weeks so you can see how they are doing. Until next time later Dusty...