Sunday, September 27, 2015

Growing Tomato plants in Bags ???

   You love your home grown tomatoes and think you can't grow them in your area to rocky to much clay? Hmmm well maybe you can... This season I am playing around with my tomato plants besides trying to grow some extra large tomatoes I am going to grow them in 1 cubic foot potting soil bags.

   After digging a hole wide enough and deep enough I punch a bunch of holes with a phillips screw driver for drainage then I put the bag of potting soil in the hole.

    I am going to plant several tomatoes this way. In this row I will place six bags in holes

   Next I cut the tops off the bags and add water. I want to soak the soil over night making sure the soil is soaked up all the moisture it can.

   Another angle and as you can see I put what we call T post next to the bag to hold the tomato cages and my EZ wall plant protectors. I use EZ wall plant protectors not only for frost protection but for wind protection.

    All together I am going to plant about 25 tomato plants like this in different areas of the garden so I can not only see how each is doing but I am going to feed these tomatoes a variety of fertilizers to see which fertilizers do best in my clay based soil.

   One of the two different Potting Soil mix's that I am using. I am using potting mix it works better in this application than just garden soil.

     Well the tomatoes did very well grown in the bags fabulous root system. I did feed them every other week with a 4-6-5 organic fertilizer. In the spring I watered every three to four days, during the summer I watered every other day.  Next season I am going to do  the same except I am going to plant closer together and I am going to prune the tomato plants....thanks and hope this helps ....Dusty

Monday, April 20, 2015

Super Hot Peppers

   Growing some serious hot peppers again and this year we have the Carolina Reaper along with the Ghost pepper red and Yellow, Brain Strain, 7 pot, Kracken, Trinidad scorpion 'Butch T' pepper, Jamaican Hot Chocolate and others this should be a Hot summer...

  We are about going to start to plant these peppers but it is still a little cold at night so we definitely will cover at night and during the day until the plants are hardened off. then we will only cover at night until night time temperatures come up. 
   I will try to update the progress the best I can.....thanks Dusty...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Super Hots 2015 transplanting peppers start your own peppers

   The Super Hot Peppers that I am growing this coming season are some that I just had to try.  The names I just loved from the Brain Strain to the current worlds hottest pepper the Carolina Reaper but most are well known the Ghost Peppers both Yellow and Red as well as the Butch T Scorpion a former hottest pepper in the world I had plenty of seed for this one so I planted several of them also I have some 7 pot and a favorite of mine just because they do so well here in Northern Arizona the Jamaican Hot Chocolate not as hot as the other peppers but so pretty a dark brown pepper. I have a Green Chile that is the hottest I have ever tried originally the seeds came from the Farmington N.M. region a beautiful long green chile with extreme heat I call it the T-Ball green chile after the man that brought me the original seed.

   I have had good luck keeping the aphids at bay by placing orange slices around the baby pepper plants. Keep a sharp eye for those aphids they can take over very quickly and once you have a infestation of aphids they are tough to keep there populations down.

    I started the seeds out in little pots these are single serve Pringles single serve potato chip containers that I am using. I just wash them out then I add a wet seed start mix. Next add seed and cover with saran wrap with a rubber band to keep it there.

   When the peppers sprout I fill the container up with water let it soak for a little while. When the soil is like a mud I slowly and gently pull them out and place them in six packs that are filled with a good soil.

   The more seeds I am planting the larger the container I use this one is about five inches long about four inches wide and about three inches deep. I can start about a hundred or more seeds in the large one about thirty to forty in the smaller container.

Its really that easy so try and start your own peppers and all your other vegetables it is so easy.
You Can Do It....later Dusty