Monday, September 17, 2012

Best producing Tomatoes of 2012

 This is the most productive tomato of the season for me a heart tomato called Pink Honey. I was very surprised that it was also the first tomato of the season a very fast grower only 49 days from transplant. It was also one of the largest tomato of the season with one tomato going just over two pounds.
 This is the Coyote tomato a very small tomato with huge tomato flavor. They say this is a tomato that is native to Mexico where it grows wild and I believe it, this tomato plant is huge and has taken over the Wow what a good growing tomato plant you can abuse this little gem and it just produces. The taste is full bore tomato goodness great old fashion tomato flavor.
  Pink Berkeley Tie Dye - A early tomato great taste and very interesting looking. At the farmers market this is one of the first to go.
 Two different Tomatoes in this picture here, the one on the left is called Pinky Tuscadero and the one on the right is a Black Sea Man Tomato both are real good ok these are great eating tomatoes of course I do tend to like the black tomatoes for taste but the Pinky Tuscadero is tops too.
 Sweet Carneros Pink this is another tomato bred by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. The production of this tomato was very very good the only down side is you got to use them they don't hold very well.
 I have talked about this one before but I love this tomato this is Evan's Purple Pear. This tomato gave me really good production and what a good tomato for the farmers market or at home they keep very well and the taste, well this is one of my new favorites it has a firm tomato texture the taste was very nice and crisp with full tomato flavor. This one is on my grow list for next year for sure also it is a potato leaf plant.

 I have a few others that I really like and will list soon but this is the bunch that made my list for today what a great bunch of tomatoes next time I will chat about maybe growing bigger Tomatoes? Later Dusty