Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garlic in barrels and I am starting some compost.

 It is a busy time for a gardener but I thought I would show you a few photos. I love this flowering apple tree.
   Growing garlic in barrels it is pretty easy.

 The garlic looks great this year. I planted some in these half barrels and there doing excellent.
This is my daughter and she just loves helping her dad shovel chicken poop and straw. lol She is tossing it on a pile to make some compost. A layer of greens a layer of browns about 4 inches thick and several layers of it...
  Add a little water and turn in a few weeks add more water and turn and before you know it we will have some more compost...woo hoo..
  Well two days later and the compost heap is starting to heat up nicely....