Monday, November 7, 2011

Starting A New Garden Spot

 I am really debating going with block rather than wood in my new beds the price is similar and the block will last years longer. If my daughter did not expect Chrismas this year I would be setting the block right now. lol
 But the price is going to be a major factor for me and with most people these days. I will have to do this project a little at a time and on the cheap. I will start by gathering materials that I can get for free or at a very low cost. I can get sifted granite for almost free the cost will be for the gas picking in up.
 Doing this in order would be easier, get the lumber or brick then put it together, then get the fill material for the raised beds, but sometimes you have to get stuff when you can get it. I am probably going to end up going with the wood beds mainly because I can get it for free or almost free by salvaging it and hey I like that price. So the quest right now is find some wood material to salvage.
 In this article you should learn at least two things. The first will be that it is not that hard to put one of these things together and grow some awesome veggies and the second will be dang this guy is cheap he did not want to buy anything.

All right I was able to salvage a little wood to get this project going thanks to a couple of friends of mine it is January 29 th and I started this project in November I need to get this thing going a little faster lol.
 I was lucky enough to get several pieces of wood some eight foot long, four by four pieces for the price of picking them up which was a great deal because my buddy picked me up in his pickup and hauled me out there and helped me load them and unload the wood. WHAT a great PRICE Free works for
In this series of photos I am piecing the wood together doing a little measuring I want the inside of the bed to be four foot wide and I want the bed to be sixteen foot long.

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