Monday, December 19, 2011

After the thaw


    Just a peek at the garden after a thaw. We had a winter storm that dumped about a foot and a half of snow in my yard. It was a little early for such a snow. It's not unusual to get snow here in Northern Arizona but in our area we are more use to four or five inches at a time, up the road a few miles they measure snow in feet and they can keep it.

   It's always so amazing to see the Shallots they love cold weather so much, it seems to me like they never look better than right after a foot of two of snow has just melted off of them.
 The Garlic looks like it took it rough but in a day or two they will look great to and come spring they will really kick-it in gear.

  And there is nothing like a carrot after a few freezes they are so sweet.


  1. John, are you into Square Foot Gardening, or is the metal mesh over your garlic just there to deter predators?

  2. ha not really. Its the predator aspect. One of my neighbors has lots of cats {cat lady} and they like to use my raised beds as there litter box. I found the wire a deterrent. Once the garlic gets going in the spring the cats don't like the garlic and I use the wire for the cucumbers and the pole beans.