Sunday, January 8, 2012

Germinating Tomato seeds part 2 a new beginning the transplant stage.

 I do this every time when I start doing my germination checks.  I can't bring myself to just toss the baby's out.

  I will grow these baby tomato plants out even though it is far to early for me to be doing so in my growing zone which is 5b,  I normally don't start my seeds here until the end of April for my outside garden.

  Here is a very easy way to transplant your baby tomato's.
First were going to take them out of the container. Next I will separate the individual plants. Trying not to damage the roots to bad. 
I just want to remind people to water there plants first before you do this step. If you notice I did not and I did loose several plants that I normally would not have.

Next  I get a bucket and fill it with potting mix and soak it real good. I then fill my containers about half full of the wet potting mix. I like to put a dash of Mycorrhaze fungi in during this step this is optional but I recommend it.

  Next we will fill them up with the potting mix and hey were done and  now  we have way to many tomatoes
  If by some chance you damage the roots real bad during the separation process they will wilt over and pretty much look dead. What I do now is move them to a dark area for 48 hours and they seem to start rooting from there stem and they are perfectly good after 48 hours and you find the plants all shriveled up and looking dead then you will be correct there dead.
 A very easy thing to do, transplanting tomato seedlings its that simple.

 One important step to do right now before anything else yes that's right  label your tomatoes. Its the one thing I have a hard time remembering. I will transplant 4 to 5 variety's and after I am done I stand back and look at all my pretty little tomatoes and I can not identify one from the other. Slow down label your tomatoes. Oh and I am laughing too I miss spelled Stupice on the plants. oh well thats funny.

  I will keep this bunch in my plant stand for a few more weeks then transfer them to a bright area of the house until more can be done with them. Most will be given to friends in the Phoenix area I believe there in zone 9a and others will be given to a nursery and some will be saved for a cloning episode but that's another episode. Later Dusty......


  1. I'll be starting my tomatoes for the garden soon. I am trying to hold off for another week.

  2. I can't wait for a good tasting tomato.

  3. wow john you really are into this gardening. wish I lived alot closer, would love to come see the garden and my relatives. this is Aaron btw.

  4. I always water my seedlings very thoroughly before separating them. This seems to minimize the "Transplant Shock Syndrome" and they recover very rapidly.
    Have you had any luck with "Stupice" in the past? I grew it once, but it was a failure.

  5. Very well said I should have watered them. I actually did three different bunches that day two cherry variety's that I did go back and water after these fell apart.
    No major problems with the Stupice. I do usually grow this variety in a soil less median in containers. I have grown it once in my main garden with mixed results.

  6. Many thanks for your kind comments on my blog-much appreciated indeed! I was fascinated to look through your blog too. It is so interesting looking at gardening in such a different climate to my own. I am so envious of the amount of sunlight you get and the resulting succulent looking produce!!