Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tons of peppers and the garden looks great.

   Things are really growing at the Shumway garden my brother does a fantastic job. The Tomatoes are running a couple of weeks behind but they are really coming on. The Peppers on the other hand are a month ahead of schedule and are going absolutely bonkers. lol We have a ton of Bannana Peppers, and Jalapeno's, the bell peppers are huge and the fish peppers are coming on to, in about two weeks they all should be putting out and we will be overwhelmed with peppers. lol good...

 Soon it will be time to do a segment on bottling pepper relish. This is one of our family's favorite things we use it on so many things from roast beef to hotdogs and hamburgers.

 Peppers grow great in containers like this 55 gallon container cut in half.
 Here is another pepper bed. In this bed there are mostly jalapenos and fish peppers

  As you can tell we grow more jalapeno's than anything else it is our favorite pepper. We like to eat them fresh bottled dehydrated and smoked. yum....

  A favorite of my friends is this apple tree growing around the chicken coupe.
  The apple trees are loaded and with over a hundred apple trees were going to be very busy I am I hope everyone likes apple sauce, apple jelly, apple leather, dehydrated apple chips....


  1. Great looking peppers! Makes my little pepper bed look pretty lame ;-)

    I also love that apple tree! I've always wanted to do an espaliered fruit tree, but we seem to move too often for that. Maybe the next homestead will have one, or 10 :)

    1. Thank you, but I have seen your wonderful homestead you do very well indeed....

  2. Hi Dusty,

    I’m in awe with all those beds of wonderful peppers. Here my few are just coming into flowers-fingers crossed I will get some peppers...

    1. I have a pepper recipe of yours I am going to try on some of these peppers. Thanks for the recipe.