Friday, August 24, 2012

Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomatoes

More pictures of some really great looking and great tasting Tomatoes!!!
This sweet little gem is called Bi-color cherry
A real good tomato with full tomato flavor this is it. This one is called Black Moor or Black Mauri One of my favorites it is a good firm tomato travels well and keeps good. A great tomato for the farmers market.
So far this year this is my pick as extra yummy. This tomato has great flavor and it holds well another great tomato for the farmers market. Evan's Purple Pear
 Red Boar and Black and Brown Boar great tomatoes great production.
 My Earliest tomato of the year. These tomatoes average about 10 to 12 oz and I have a few that went a pound and a half. This one is called   Pink Honey Tomato and it produces heavy a great heart tomato.

Red Boar a very attractive tomato and a great producer.

I was surprise how much I liked this one. This Tomato is called Dr. Carolyn A variety named after Dr Carolyn Male who wrote the book 100 Heirloom tomatoes for the American garden. 

Later Dusty...

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  1. Hi Dusty,

    Just love the sound of all your wonderful tomatoes-and names I am not familiar with too...
    They sound delicious!!