Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Raised beds finally done....almost....they still need filling....
 Breaking my ankle put me so far behind but thanks to a couple of friends we finally have the beds together.  I really have to thank my friends they took a lot of time out of there weekend to give me a hand...a real big thanks guy's.
  So far I have nothing invested in this raised bed except for gas to gather the materials. The wood that I am using are recycled telephone pole arms that I was fortunate enough to get for free. I did have to take some hardware off of them but for free the price was right.

    In this photo you can see I have finished one bed now to the next...

  Here we just laid out the wood cut to fit..

  Here we are drilling holes through all three pieces of wood and securing them down with a long length of re-bar.

  And woo hoo we have them complete now here comes the pricey part of the overhaul adding the peat moss, compost, vermiculite and of course rock dust...

  I am thrilled to have the beds this far they are sixteen foot long and four foot wide each. But I need to get the soil in and going and so this week will be a busy one. I do have the peat moss and the rock dust but I need to buy some good compost and vermiculite... Wow it has been busy, my tomato starts look great and there growing fast...I will check back soon....later Dusty....


  1. wow Dusty they look good, all that hard work paid off.

    1. Thanks, I am glad to have the space back for gardening I usually plant garlic in that area in the fall... in a month tomatoes are going to fill that space...

  2. Sorry to hear about your broken ankle Dusty-hope you are soon on the mend!

    1. Yes I broke it back in February another month and I should be dancing but right now I am so far behind...