Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tomato Ripening

    Starting to get some color. Tomatoes are ripening and I love the different colors.


  1. Beautiful! Somewhere out there I have seen a tiger variety that looks just like a tiger. I believe it was on the Tomatoproboards.

  2. Stunning tomatoes you grow there in Arizona.

    I came by your blog to say hi from South Australia. I am glad that I found you because I think you may be able help me a lot. I live in a desert dry area, and really struggle to grow veggies. My main problem is the cost of water, with my summer bill being around $2,000AD. And now the stupid government has put the prices up even further. We do have rain water in storage, but have to be careful not to use it all as we don't know when it will rain next.

    If you take a look at my blog you will see my garden. I know I need deeper beds but have to wait until hubby can do that for me. I am looking at adding shades to each bed and I am about to put on a layer of mulch. In previous years I have pulled shadecloth over from the roof area but this doesn't seem to be enough. Our temperatures in January hit nearly 50C (122F) and this can go on for days on end. I have six wicking beds set up and they do better than the other raised beds. I know I need to spend the money and make the other beds deeper and into wicking beds also.

    I shall have a look around your blog and see how you go about growing your veggies. I can barely grow tomatoes here in the heat. Once Autumn arrives the plants do a lot better. I just want to grow enough to feed my family :)

    Tania@OutBack blog

    1. Most of the gardeners I know in the desert have two seasons spring and fall they grow short season tomatoes. I live in Arizona where it does get very hot but I live in Northern Arizona high elevation at about 5000 ft to 7000 ft elevation it does not get as warm as the Phoenix area at less than a thousand ft elevation. I know there would be far more experienced gardeners in the desert then me....Thanks if there is anything I can do let me know I would be glad to....