Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jalapeno peppers Oh Yeah... were getting them started...with Azos

One thing we love in are house are peppers and the pepper we like best is the Jalapeno. We slice, smoke and grate them. They have a flavor that we just love.

 I like to scatter 6 to 8 seeds per hole and lightly cover with a seed starting mix.  As they germinate and grow I like to wait a week or two until the seedlings are just starting to form there true leafs at this point you have to divide them or just let them grow and cut out the ones you don't want later.

 I do use a root stimulator called Azos because peppers do not like there roots disturbed. I have found that Azos by xtreme-gardening works extremely well with pepper seedling and tomato seedlings. I loose very few and I am pretty rough on the pepper seedlings as I tear them apart and transplant them this is a very good product.
 On small scale growing of peppers I would suggest planting two to three seeds per tray and not disturbing them at all, but I need about a hundred jalapeno plants so this is the best method for me. I ended up with over 90 jalapeno plants I did plant other peppers as well a few bell peppers and fish peppers also a few purple jalapenos and about thirty banana peppers.
   My brother's family and mine bottle everything we grow and the favorite for the family is a pepper relish in this relish we throw all the different peppers we grow in the pot along with onions and garlic then grind it all up together and bottle it up yummy... There is nothing better on a hot dog for me than     Dusty's Pepper Relish...


  1. Dusty’s Pepper Relish-sounds good-please post more details o the recipe-love to give it a go!!

  2. Do you know if Azos is organic or not? I tried to find from the company site but could not get much information.

    1. Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes is the world’s most powerful nitrogen fixing bacteria. First discovered in the Amazon Rainforest and has since been cultured into a high potency inoculant which provides tremendous benefits to plants. Azos boosts root structure and prevents transplant shock and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.
      Azos allows plants to ingest up to 90% of their nitrogen needs straight from the atmosphere and utilizes the air we breath in order to sustain crops, naturally.
      This is my first year testing Azos so far so good I am liking the results and yes its organic. There mother company is Reforestation Technologies International they have been testing mycorrhazae fungi and organic feeder packets for 20 plus years...