Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tomato transplants part 3

  This week I have re-pot a couple of tomatoes that I started a few weeks ago. I kept one of each variety a Stupice and a Chocolate Cherry and I plan to grow both of these out in containers for the upcoming season.

  In this container mix I used 25 percent perlite, 25 percent peat moss, 40 percent compost and 10 percent rock dust. The rock dust I will use today is a sifted granite which I purchased in bulk from a sand and rock company.
  I like to mix everything together and add water. I like to trim the bottom leaves off and keep them off the ground at all times it keeps the tomatoes from picking up diseases from the ground.

 This year I am going grow a lot more plants in containers or try to lol.  I plan to grow tomatoes, peppers and okra in containers this will be the first year for me trying to container grow okra so this should be fun....
 Later Dusty.....

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